I am on a non-stop mission to bring back the jingle.

The Chaco Song

Performed at Camp Wekeela, Summer 2018


Why this happened:

When I wore my Chacos, I took heat for wearing “dad sandals.” When I arrived to work at camp, I found that my friend Hope also had a pair. We decided we were going to convince all 300 campers and 100 staff members that Chacos were the coolest shoes you could own. We wrote and performed the song in a day and we flaunted our Chacos as if they were Jordans.

It worked:

We couldn’t have predicted that kids actually began writing home, begging their parents for a pair. Some parents even caved. Additionally, at least 15 staff members spent their next pay checks on a pair.

Lyrics, Guitar, and Vocals: Alec Milton

(feat.): Hope Anderson

Jingle for Bald Top Brewing Company

Performed in front of the client at VCU Brandcenter, Fall 2018



The song was written for real client Bald Top Brewing Co. located in Madison, Virginia.

The strategy behind the lyrics was to speak to the locals and spread the word about Virginia's first ever farm brewery located on the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lyrics, Guitar, and Vocals: Alec Milton & Lars Johnson

(feat.): Katrine Limseth, Mary Gray Johnson, Nanda Golden, & Ryan Connor

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