I enjoy directing, filming and editing, and have frequently used video as a medium. Here are a few that were either a part of a campaign or stand alone.

2017 NBA Playoffs Promo

My take on the NBA’s longer form promos for the playoffs.

My role: concept, art direction, writing, video editing

Chock Full o’ Nuts Manifesto

This video manifesto contributed to a team effort that won a pitch competition to the client.

My role: concept, video editing, art direction, voice over

(feat.): Patrick Lapera, Luke Colombo

The Real World: NBA

Episode 1 of an animated crossover between the Real World and the NBA.

My role: video editor, additional story, sound/music

Story by: Joshua Browne Art direction/animation: Ruthie Edwards Character design: Zak Vono

Rolling Stone Magazine Pre-Roll

Two 6 second spots from a Rolling Stone Magazine campaign.

My role: art direction, video editing

(feat. Josh Perry)

Introducing Lunch Quest

A stop motion project made from some construction paper. This contributed to a larger team project addressing nutritional health and portion control for kids.

My role: art direction, photography, video editing

(feat.): Kristen Debarros

Fire & Ice: A Poem by Robert Frost

A short film interpretation of a poem about hatred, desire, and the end of the world

My role: directing, videography, video editing

(feat.): Ariana Safari, Akin Abode